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Miss. Hubbard's Old Mother's Cupboard...

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Take a look at our recipes in our In The Cupboard tab to see how you can use our tools to make baking & cooking easier and fun! We have added ways to incorporate healthier options as well.

HKS is excited to hear how you're using your new tools and gadgets. If you find new ways to use them, feel free to share your ideas with us.

-Use a strainer to take the excess water out of canned vegetables, a pizza cutter to trim the crust off you child's sandwiches, or a salad spinner to wash off and dry a batch of grapes or cherries ect.

Our Bella tools are so attractive you can even use the spoons as serving spoons.

Basic handles are a lot of times too small, too stiff, awkward, or just confusing to use for a basic kitchen tool. That is where our Ergonomic handles differ. Our handles are comfortable and efficient. They reduce the stress on your hands so your hands aren’t tired after using them. Give our products a try and see for yourself!

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